Living Sunday Morning All Week

by Dr. James C. Howell

What does it look and feel like to be worshipful? Can we find a way to worship in such a robust, thoughtful way that when we aren’t in worship, the worship might linger and invigorate us? Is it possible to live in the world–doing the dishes, listening to music, being stuck in traffic, enmeshed in a thicket of meetings at work–with a serene, abiding sense of God’s presence despite all the racket, that we might do whatever we do for God, and sense God’s presence? And maybe more importantly: could all we do between Sundays–grocery shopping, paying bills, listening to music, taking a walk, visiting aging parents–actually enrich and inform what we do on Sunday morning, making worship itself more vigorous, profound, just plain real, and memorable, and thus heightening the likelihood that the worship will linger through the rest of the week? This book is about living a worshipful life: understanding why we do what we do in Sunday morning worship, and then re-enacting those moods and actions all week long.

Small group study will incorporate questions for discussion from the leader’s guide as well as video segments from Dr. Howell.

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