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Preparing for Baptism: MPUMC offers a class as a first step for those who are preparing for baptism for themselves or their children. If you are expecting a child or hope to be soon, if you just welcomed a child, if you are new to faith, or if you are simply interested in deepening your understanding of this holy sacrament, join us on Sunday, September 8th at 9:45 am in Francis Chapel.

We Baptize individuals in Sunday morning worship, so the Church family can promise to support you, and so they can be reminded of the grace of God in their own Baptisms. Most Sundays are available for Baptisms, although when we have Holy Communion or on other special days we may be unable to have Baptisms.

We Baptize people of all ages. Why baptize infants if they don’t know what’s going on? That’s the point. Baptism is about the free, unearnable grace of God. Infants don’t even believe yet – but all of us are touched by God’s grace long before we respond to God.

St. Augustine said Baptism is a visible word – and that word is “love.” You are loved, and you are called and empowered by God to love, and for us to love together as the Baptized people of God, the Church.

To schedule a Baptism, reach Peg Broughton at 704.295.4812 or


We’d love to host your wedding. Reach Ellen Underwood at 704-295-4843 or to learn more about our wedding policy. Our church reserves weddings for those who have an existing membership, or whose immediate family has an existing membership of at least 90 days, or who have demonstrated regular and active involvement in the life of the congregation.


Our clergy are honored to guide you through the planning process once death has occurred, in consultation with the funeral home of your choice. We plan music, Scripture readings, prayers – all to bind our hearts to God, and to give the Church family an opportunity to love and comfort. Often, families and individuals plan funerals before an illness or death. Contact any of our ministers by calling the church at 704-376-8584 during weekday business hours. After hours, follow the prompts to the pastor on call.

Increasing numbers of Christians are being cremated. We have no theological objection. The power of the resurrection will be such that God will bring perfect healing no matter what has happened to our bodies in this world.

Myers Park United Methodist Church has a columbarium with niches available for purchase to church members and their families. Contact Linda Edwardsen at or 704-295-4842.