Reconciling Race

I will preach love over hate and fear. I will preach peace over war and rancor. I will preach justice over oppression and discrimination. And then I will look for any and every opportunity to put those words and prayers and ideas into action. Our work is and always has been to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly (Micah 6:8) – Sarah Howell

Racial reconciliation is about open, honest conversation and engagement in quest of racial equity and justice, and a beloved community.. Any time is a good time to join the journey. Contact Ron Knape at

We all have biases – conscious and unconscious.  The term ‘cognitive bias’ was coined by Amos Tversky and Daniel Kahneman in 1972 which quite simply means “our tendency to filter information, process facts and arrive at judgments based on our past experiences, likes/dislikes and automatic influences.”  Check out this sketchnote for ways to acknowledge those biases.

Programs and Events

Ring in the New Year with MPUMC and Austin Channing Brown, author of I’m Still Here: Black Dignity in a World Made for Whiteness on January 14, 2019.

Her book is available at the Goodness Gracious Shop at MPUMC. For event details, click here.

Community Building Initiative’s Charlotte in Black & White. . .and More bus tours provide a window into African American history in Charlotte as well as into the new immigrant experience. The tour includes conversations with other participants and an opportunity to consider how YOU can get involved in current community issues.

The Beyond the Bridge tour explores the past, present, and future of the Beatties Ford Road corridor and how this vital part of our community is connected to the health, well-being, and sustainability of the broader community.

Parable of the Polygons

Parable of the Polygons is a playable post on how harmless choices can make a harmful world. Half-videogame, half-blog-post, it’s formatted like an article, but contains dozens of games that let you learn by doing. Using simple geometric shapes, the game shows how small individual biases can become large institutional biases, and is based off the work of Nobel Prize winning game theorist, Thomas Schelling.  Learn More about the game.

Play the Game

Wonder how diverse or segregated Charlotte is or maybe your neighborhood?  Check out The Racial Dot Map from the Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service at the University of Virginia.

Pass the Peace

Pass The Peace dinners are bringing together members from our church, the largely African American St. Mark’s United Methodist, police officers and youth. Check out the Pass the Peace website for more information.

To participate in a Pass the Peace Feast, contact MPUMC member John Clarkson.

It Bears Repeating

The entire spring issue of the church’s magazine, Intersection, focused on racial reconciliation.  It’s a must read if you haven’t already.

In case you missed some of the great conversations hosted at MPUMC, you can watch them here.

Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, Reconstructing the Gospel: Finding Freedom from Slaveholder Religion  **Coming Soon**

Discussion with Toussaint Romain of James’ Baldwin’s Book The Fire Next Time

Black Spirituals

The Faith of a Mockingbird

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Black People But Were Afraid to Ask

Conversations on Race

Read, Watch and Learn

Learn more about racial reconciliation through books, movies, documentaries, TED talks and other educational resources. See our recommendations here.