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Worship Matters – Shifting to “Enough!”

   We have been looking at various aspects of worship, and why they all matter, for months now. Enough for now! And so we transition to a little series for the rest of this Fall which coincides with what we’re doing in worship – and we’re calling it “Enough!”

What a peculiar word. If you were a foreigner trying to learn English, you’d wonder: how do I pronounce this? And what does it mean? That’s the deep theological question. It may well be that the ultimate spiritual question each one of us must answer is… Enough? There are three crucial nuances to this when we ponder our relationship with God.

(1) If I look around at what I’ve accumulated, what I’ve done, where I’ve been, all the things that are my life and world: how much is enough? Do I have enough saved? Do I have enough things (or at least the latest things)? Have I soaked up enough experiences? Do I get enough from others, or the world? How much is enough? My hunch is that we are embarrassingly woeful at answering this question, as we live in a world that peppers us constantly with the message You don’t have enough, You never have enough. Learning how much is enough, even if that is far less than you have now, or is different from what you have now, is the key to peace, the way to joy, the heart of a thriving relationship with God.

(2) Then there’s the question of What is going on in the world that makes you rise up and say Enough! A battered woman one day says Enough! Racism poisons things, until we say Enough! Belittling chatter goes on among your friends until one day you get up your courage and say Enough! Children sleep under bridges, or go to school malnourished, and finally you, we, all of say Enough! – and we do something about it. Interestingly, when as Christians we say Enough! our ability to do something about it hinges on whether we’ve figured out our previous question of How much is enough?

(3) And then we come to the heart of the matter when we ask Am I enough? I’m regularly stunned by a fabulously successful, great-looking, well-connected, affluent, party-going person who sits in front of me and declares, I feel so small, I am insufficient, I am not the person, spouse, friend or Christian I want to be. How do we learn the ultimate spiritual truth – which is, when you look in the mirror, you can say I am enough. Not I’m cool enough, or I have enough, or I’m amazing to others, but rather I am God’s, I am a dwelling place for God, I am here by God’s mercy and goodness and that is more than enough? Only when I know I am enough can I loosen my grip on my things and realize I have enough; and only when I am secure enough in me and with God can I stand up at the right time to say Enough!

We will be exploring these three questions in the days to come. Thank you, as always, for reading. I am honored you will take these moments with me, and I find great personal joy in sharing this journey with you!

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