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Reconciliation: Prayer is next…

Reconciliation: Prayer is next…

With this email, and then Dr. Christena Cleveland’s talk at 7pm this evening (when she’ll share from her dual perspective as a sociologist and theologian on why we suffer divisions in the church on issues like race, marriage and politics, and how we might understand, love and come together), our two month long series on Reconciliation comes to an end.  Although I hope the work of reconciliation, and the sheer pleasure of overcoming enmity and distrust, will continue.

I hope what we’ve covered, through these emails (which are all archived here) and our live/recorded programs (which can be found here) have helped us together to be people who arrive at peace with others.  And with God… which leads me to say that our next batch of emails, beginning now and running through the season of Lent and culminating – as everything does, in Holy Week – will explore the familiar but ever-fresh topic of prayer.  I’m looking forward to it.

And as I prepare and compose these emails (which may come more than twice a week, but will definitely be shorter!), I would love to hear from you.  What questions or struggles do you have about praying?  What has helped you?  What have you read or observed that has inspired you?  Thanks in advance for any replies you send.

As always, I count it a high privilege to be able to spend these moments with you via the internet – which in some ways is a plague our culture has brought down upon us, but in cases like this, the internet is a lovely gift God can use to connect us and create time to ponder the things of God together.  Thank you for reading, for your friendship, and for caring about the things of God.

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