Pastoral Series

Prayer/Church Matters: A New Series!

  After months of sending you emails about prayer, and just relating to God in various ways, I am shifting my focus here in early 2019 to “Church Matters.” In our worship services, during December we fixed our attention on the coming of Christ, Emmanuel, “God with us.” God indeed is with us. And if God is with us, we then move to ponder how that God who is with us invites us to be “with others.” Others in the church, and others outside the church.

The word “church” takes on all kinds of meanings. It’s the building you drive by or enter. It’s a childhood memory. It’s an institution feeling like a bureaucracy. It’s people. It’s people you admire. It’s people who seem hypocritical or judgmental. Church is a bright light, full of warmth and love. Church is a cold place, afflicting more than comforting.

In the coming weeks, I’ll try to paint a picture of what church might be, given what we are. Why bother? Why does Church matter? And if it matters, what sort of Church is God asking us to be?

Right now, you can help shape this series by clicking Reply – and telling me what you wonder about church, what you love, what bugs you, what dreams you harbor, what healing is needed.  All replies to my emails to you come directly back to me.  No one else sees them – so be candid! And let’s have a thoughtful conversation here in early 2019 on Church Matters.

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