Youth Ministry

Our Mission

We, the youth of Myers Park UMC, exist to love God and grow in Christ. We build connections with each other, love one another, and serve others as disciples of Christ and stewards of God’s gifts.

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Our Core Values

We Are Christ-Centered: Youth learn how to center their lives in relationship with Christ as they learn, and experience, explore what that means for their lives.

We Are Grace-Led: Youth grow to understand, appreciate, and explore God’s grace in their own lives and share that grace with others.

We Are Intentional: We lovingly and purposefully shape and form the lives of our youth in Christ through the programs and experiences that we offer.

We Are Community-Focused: We create a relational, family-like group filled with fun and laughter in a physically, emotionally and spiritually safe environment.

We Are Inclusive: We welcome, love and nurture all youth who come into our doors/program as we reach out to others in our community and beyond.


Jason Rhymer, Director of Youth Ministry

Sarah Yoss, Middle School Youth Associate

Ellen Spence, Youth Ministry Coordinator