Children’s Ministries relies on dedicated adults to partner with us as we nurture our children’s spiritual development. Each of us has God-given gifts and talents we can share with our children. There are also ways to get involved that may stretch those talents to uncover unforeseen passions for service. We are grateful for your time and commitment. Below are some ways to get involved in Children’s Ministries.

The Faith Formation Committee (Pamela Jenkins, Chair) helps plan and implement opportunities for faith formation beyond the Sunday school hour, such as family workshops and special worship service opportunities.

The Sunday School Committee (Claire Kuck, Chair) helps identify, train and appreciate teachers, prepare supplies and curricula, and organize the Sunday morning support team.

The Missions Committee (Lindsay Gildea, Chair) helps plan and implement opportunities for children to be in ministry to others, such as Mission: Possible and seasonal offerings.

The Fellowship Committee (Melissa Jesse, Chair) plans opportunities for members to gather as a church family such as the Epiphany Party, Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper, Family Advent Night, Family Movie Night, and more.

The Hospitality Committee (Amie Rucker, Chair) offers radical hospitality to all – from visitors to life-long members – primarily on Sunday morning and to welcome new babies and new families.

The Vacation Bible School Committee (Jennifer Ross, Planning Team Leader) coordinates teachers, children, supplies and curriculum for one of our largest annual offerings, VBS, which hosts upwards of 300 children over 4 days each June.

We have opportunities to serve in Children’s Ministries right now! Interested? Contact Amy Harriman at aharriman@mpumc.org or 704-295-4814.

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