Sunday School

We offer Sunday School classes at two times, 8:45 and 9:45, as noted below. Please view the classes to see which is the best fit for you! If you have questions, or would like assistance finding a great class “fit” contact Rev. Taylor Pryde Barefoot at You can find Taylor in room 221 of the Snyder Building.

8:45 Classes

SUNDAY FORUM; Snyder Building – Room 109
This class is for those who attend the 9:45 worship service who desire a small group discussion on topics of book and bible study.
Couples and Singles, 50+

9:45 Classes

AGAPE; Youth Building – Room 262
We are a Sunday School class consisting mostly of couples, some with and some without children. Our goal is to encourage spiritual growth as couples. We have a strong sense of community and often meet outside of class for social events. We are mainly in our 20’s to early 30’s, but welcome all ages.

BUILDERS; Parish Life Building – Room 103/104
A warm, welcoming group, the Builders class invites you to join us in our faith journey as a “Christian Under Construction.” Subjects of study include Bible Studies, book reviews, mission presentations and church history. We have quarterly social gatherings, provide support to each other and participate with each other in a variety of service projects. For more information, visit our website.
Couples and singles ages 60-65.

COMMUNITY SCRIPTURE: Snyder Building – Room 031
This new class began as a Disciple Fast Track study group in 2016 and some members wished to remain together to continue bible study. Others are now invited to join as the group reads and discusses scripture together in an effort to find its current and practical everyday application.
All are welcome.

DISCOVERY; Parish Life Building – Room 105
This class strives to build a solid faith-based foundation for growing family and community relationships. The class is primarily discussion-focused and class participation is lovingly encouraged. Topics include current events, marriage and family, scripture, popular books, service/community opportunities, other faiths, etc. For more information, visit our website.
Couples in their 40’s and 50’s with elementary and high school age children.

FAITH & FRIENDS; Youth Building – Room 261
The Faith and Friends class was formed five years ago. One significant class prayer is that each of our God-given gifts would be safely discovered, exercised and strengthened in our midst. Class service projects include Burrito Bikers and Room in the Inn.
Couples in their 30’s and 40’s

FOUNDATION 1501; Parish Life Building – Room 024
We have experienced many life-changing and profound experiences and serve as support for one another. With rotating class members facilitating lessons, we usually follow the Wired Word, which is a weekly newsletter that ties current events to Biblical references. We have guest speakers every other month. We have semi-annual social gatherings, provide support to each other and participate with each other in a variety of service projects.
Adults 40’s and 50’s

GENESIS-OWNBEY; Parish Life Building – Room 110
A warm, friendly, caring and welcoming class using 5 or 6 teachers from within the class, as well as occasional clergy to teach and lead our biblically centered discussion and lessons. We are each growing in our personal faith by applying these lessons and discussions to our lives as we face assorted challenges.
Couples and Singles 50+

JOURNEYS; Parish Life Building – Room 106
Our curriculum includes short-term video and other series that focus on applying biblical principles to our lives today.  We offer lively discussion facilitated by class members rather than lecture-style lessons. Our members are all actively engaged in the mission of this church, and as a class we host Room in the Inn once a year and have helped with Family Promise. We enjoy dinners at member’s homes 2 or 3 times a year.
Singles and Couples, 30’s – 60’s

LIVING IT; Parish Life Building – Room 107
We engage in conversation as we learn together about topics that teach us to navigate parenting, work life balance and spiritual growth.We have a casual atmosphere that encourages questions more than answers. We understand busy schedules and are excited to put aside this time to build fellowship and grow in our faith.
Parents with school-aged kids, 40’s-50’s

LIVING THE QUESTIONS; Snyder Building – Room 237
As a small adult class we discuss theology, religion and spirituality. We believe in diversity of thought and inclusion of all people. Class members take turns leading our discussion. The class also meets quarterly for a potluck lunch following the 11:00 a.m. service.
All Ages

LOGOS; Parish Life Building – Room 025
The Logos Class is an intergenerational class seeking to engage in serious study – one book of the Bible at a time – in a welcoming and nurturing discussion group format. Emphasis is placed upon real world and modern day applications of the scripture to our everyday lives and relationships. We also enjoy fellowship opportunities of many kinds throughout the year.
Adults, 40’s-60’s

NEW COVENANT; Snyder Building – Room 149
We share meals, prayers and worship. We study scripture and the lives of great Christians. As we seek Divine perspectives, we often laugh at our unsteady human progress We point to “homelessness” as our mission focus. We enjoy Christmas and spring mixers with the men of McCreesh Place Supportive Housing Community. In addition, we provide meals and mix with homeless guests for two winter nights of Room in the Inn. We also worship together as a class four times a year, followed by lunch at a member’s home.
All Ages

SAMARITAN; Parish Life Building – Room 108
With a desire to serve neighbors in need in Charlotte, this class participates in several long term service projects. One of these is partnering with the Samaritan House of Charlotte, providing monthly lunches for residents. Others include sponsorship of children through Bethlehem Center at Christmas, cookouts for residents of McCreesh Place, and meals for Family Promise. We also have a strong sense of community and desire to care for each other! Our curriculum focuses on scripturally based lessons and application to daily life.
Couples 20’s – 40’s

SNYDER-FISHER-FELLOWSHIP; Snyder Building – Room 035
Taught by both divinity school professors and leading laypersons, this class helps its students better understand the Bible and how it guides our lives as Christians through weekly lectures, hymns and prayer. Regularly quarterly breakfasts are scheduled to provide opportunity for fellowship.
All Ages

TRINITY; Parish Life Building – Room 109
Lessons follow the Lectionary readings for the week and spark thoughtful, spirited discussions that often include discussion of the morning’s sermon. Class members provide caring support for each other during life’s challenges and celebrate each other’s joys. Many of our class members are actively involved with Youth Ministry as well as many other areas within the church.
Couples and Singles, 45+, with youth, college and adult children

WESLEY; Snyder Building – Room 152
The Wesley class is a welcoming and supportive group which enjoys a full program of service projects, social events and travel options, affording the opportunity for building relationships. Lessons from the International Bible Series taught by class members, some of whom are retired clergy. Class begins with a hymn, pledges of allegiance, and a short business session.
Singles and Couples, 60+