Engage & Serve

Beyond the Walls

As we journey together in missions and ministry, we need to go beyond our walls.  This can be both physical and mental.  We have wonderful neighbors in our city that need people who will listen, walk with them, and to learn their stories and then after we have done all of that to work with them.  Let’s go beyond our walls and learn about some really awesome people in our community locally, nationally and globally.  Are you ready? Find out more!  Also, take a moment to consult our missions reasource: Gathering Matters!

At Myers Park

Find out how you can find a place to serve and involved in the life of Myers Park United Church. Find out more!

Wired 4 Ministry

Putting your faith into action is at the very heart of our Christian calling.  We’re called to serve others, in ministry, by being the hands and feet of Jesus in the world.  God has uniquely created or “wired” each of us for ministry – a place where you’ll find meaning while others benefit from what only you have to offer. Understanding your S.H.A.P.E. helps determine the who, what and where God desires you to plug into service.  At Myers Park UMC, you don’t “fit” the ministry, the ministry “fits” you. Find out more!

Connect Ministry

We realize in a large congregation; the possibilities can seem overwhelming. Perhaps you are just unsure where to even start looking. 12:12 Ministry is here to help you.

In addition to attending Sunday worship, there are many opportunities for you to be an active part of this body of Christ, whether in mission and service, within the fellowship and community of a Sunday School class or other type small group, or by participating in our worship and arts ministries. Find out more!