Embrace Giving

Season of Stewardship: Embrace Giving

In this season of stewardship, as we invite you to Embrace Giving, we are sharing stories of giving, and the inspiration behind such generosity. Look in the mail for your Estimate Of Giving card inviting you to support the 2018 church operating budget as well as the Jubilee Plus! outreach fund. Our Jubilee Plus! goal is $1 million. Please make your pledge by December 1. Details: Executive Director Saribeth Dozier at 704-295-4844 or saribeth@mpumc.org.

Make Your 2018 Pledge

Peter and Lindsay Stewart: ‘With A Cheerful Heart’

We contribute to the life of the church because we feel called to be involved in a body of believers, and, as with giving, we feel that it glorifies and honors the Lord. We give financially to the church because we feel called to give. It serves as a reminder to us that everything we have is the Lord’s. It is our way of showing gratitude.

We help lead the Agape Sunday School class. Our kids are involved in Children’s Ministries, and I’ve helped with Vacation Bible School in the past. I’m involved in the New Moms Ministry, and our three-year-old attends The Children’s Circle preschool at church.

Our philosophy about financial giving is that everything we have is the Lord’s, and we should give back to him with a cheerful heart.

Jewel Warlick: ‘The Hands And Feet Of God’

Myers Park United Methodist Church is such a meaningful part of my life. I’ve attended for 25 years and have been a member since 1994 when I moved to Charlotte. Both my daughters were married in the church, and I treasure the memories of their weddings in our beautiful Sanctuary. Two of my granddaughters – Catie and Sarah Holshouser –  have grown up in the church. They’ve participated in the preschool and children’s programs; been confirmed; served as Bible carrier, acolyte and crucifer; sang in the Youth Choir, and more. Such a joy for me to watch them grow in faith.

As an adult, I feel nurtured by our church. The worship experience speaks deeply to me. The music and sermons bring me comfort and inspire me to work harder to be the person God intends for me to be. I love participating in the Myers Park Single Boomers and have made wonderful friendships among those who belong to this group. We not only have fun, we nurture and care for each other.

Participating as a volunteer at Freedom School and as a reading buddy at Sedgefield Elementary has been a privilege. It’s allowed me to give back some of the nurturing my grandchildren and I have received. Those who manage the Sedgefield outreach program make it easy for those of us who volunteer.

It is sometimes overwhelming to see the need in our world. It can be difficult to figure out how one person with limited time and resources can make a difference. Our church provides a path for its members. By joining together to support our church financially, we can continue to make these worthwhile things happen.  We can truly become, as we are intended to be, the hands and feet of God.