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Book Conversation: Rev. Dr. Michael Waters’ “Stakes Is High”

January 21st at 6pm and January 22nd at 11am

Dr. James Howell and Rev. Nathan Arledge will lead a discussion of Rev. Dr. Michael Waters’ latest book, Stakes Is High, Jan 21st at 6pm and again on Jan 22nd at 11am. Stakes Is High is available for purchase at Goodness Gracious Gifts, but please join the discussion even if you haven’t had a chance to read the book!

On Feb 12th at 6:30pm, the award-winning author and activist Rev. Dr. Michael Waters will lead in an open forum regarding our national racial divide entitled “Relationships Matter,” here at Myers Park UMC in Jubilee Hall. This talk will be presented in partnership with Myers Park Presbyterian Church and South Tryon Community United Methodist Church, and will include Revs. Dr. James Howell, Dr. Joe Clifford, Nathan Arledge and Ray McKinnon. To sign up to attend the talk on February 12th, click here.

For more information, reach Rev. Nathan Arledge at

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