Children’s Ministries

Upcoming Events

September 28: Fourth Grade Fun Night.

September 30: God’s Guys (for 5th Grade Boys) Launches! Register here. Questions? Email Amy Harriman.

September 30: Faith Girls.

October 1: Kids’ Brains & Screens Part II. Register here.

October 7: Forward (for 4th & 5th Graders) Starts. 4-5:30 PM. Register here.

October 7: Mission: Possible for 2nd & 3rd Graders. Operation Sandwich. 4-5:30 PM.

October 7: Bible Carrier Training for 5th Graders (2 PM-4PM in the sanctuary).

October 7: Blessing of the Animals (2 PM in the Hopedale Parking Lot)

October 14: Faith Girls and God’s Guys.

October 21: Coffee Talk

October 21: Faith Girls and God’s Guys.

October 24: Phantom of the Organ

October 26: Fall Block Party

October 28: Faith Girls and God’s Guys.

Sunday School Registration 2018-2019

2018-2019 Sunday School Registration is open and ongoing throughout the year. Register here.


“Let the little children come to me: do not stop them for it is to such as these that the kingdom of God belongs.” Mark 10:14

Children and their families are an active, vital part of our church community. We are glad you are here! When questions arise or ideas emerge, please contact Amy Harriman, Director of Children’s Ministries, at or 704-295-4814 or stop by our offices on the main floor near the sanctuary. We look forward to getting to know you.

Our Vision Statement

Children’s Ministries at Myers Park United Methodist Church teaches the Christian faith, models love and service, and supports children and their families as they journey to become loving disciples of Christ.

Our Core Values

We support families in the spiritual development of children by providing opportunities for worship, faith development, fellowship, and service together:

  • Faith Formation:  We provide a strong transforming Christ-centered foundation for faith development through biblical knowledge, worship, reflection, and prayer.
  • Service/Missions:  We are called to serve in this needy world.
  • Hospitality:  We embrace each child as a child of God, providing a safe environment for all to feel loved, accepted, and secure.
  • Fellowship:  Whenever we gather, we are a family.  We offer opportunities to get to know each other.  We respect our family members by modeling an attitude of holiness and respect toward God and each other.

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Amy Harriman, Director of Children’s Ministries. 704-295-4814,
Heidi Giffin, Assistant Director of Children’s Ministries, 704-295-4805,
Leslie Lowery, Assistant Director of Children’s Ministries, 704-295-4801,
Katharine Willis, Communications Coordinator, 704-295-4804,
Lisa Ross-Smit, Childcare Coordinator, 704-295-4807,