Vision for Faith Formation

FF adult treeLearning takes us on a lifelong path. Our Wesleyan heritage affirms a journey of sanctification, of being made holy, that requires an ongoing dedication to growing. As we study, pray, read and talk, we develop habits that shape us into more loving, Christ-like people. Faith Formation offers a path for continued learning. It sees each program as connected to others, all part of the same goal, from childhood to adulthood. The path, depicted in the new tree logo shared here, offers many possibilities for starting on any branch and “climbing” in any direction. Here’s some of what you can find on the pathway toward Christian learning and growth:

Dr. Howell’s Pastoral Series

Our Senior Pastor offers an inspirational blog/e-mail, along with regular text messages, to any subscribers. His writing serves to encourage readers in the Christian life. To sign up, e-mail

Discover Myers Park

This hour-long, two-session class introduces participants, including prospective new members, to the church. It’s led by Rev. Parker Haynes and provides an overview of life at Myers Park United Methodist Church. Learn more.

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

This seven-week, 1-hour class held each autumn explores emotional and spiritual health. Melanie Dobson facilitates the class, which places participants in small groups.


This new, six-week, 1-hour class held each winter tells the theological story of who we are. It offers teaching in Scripture, theology, church history, Methodism and practices. Different clergy teach each week’s session. Participants sit in small groups.

Sunday School

Adult Sunday School comprises a significant part of faith formation. A wide variety of classes offer different styles of learning for each age group. Most classes meet at 9:45 a.m. on Sunday. Learn more.

Disciple Bible Study

Disciple Bible Study offers small group-based Bible study, and fellowship inspired by the study and dialogue. Classes meet at different times during the week, each led by a facilitator. Classes begin the week of Labor Day each year and registration opens mid-summer. Learn more.

Companions In Christ

Companions offer long- and short-term spiritual formation small groups. The groups begin each fall and meet at different times throughout the week, each with a facilitator.